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It outsourcing services

  • It outsourcing services

Security and reliability of IT infrastructure is the key to successful operation of the company. Unfortunately, not every firm is ready to keep it running and maintain a qualified dedicated team to perform these duties as well. This issue can be easily resolved with IT-outsourcing services.

IT-outsourcing is a full or partial transfer of IT infrastructure maintenance to a third party company engaged into IT services. IT-outsourcing allows you to save costs associated with equipment and staff, update infrastructure without a delay and reduce equipment downtime.


  • Support of document printing and copying services;
  • Support of fax transmission system via a fax server;
  • Support of corporate e-mail system;
  • Group mailboxes;
  • Monitoring mail messages;
  • Mobile access to corporate e-mail system;
  • Support of network file service;
  • Intra-office network and city communication;
  • Maintenance of access to Internet resources;
  • Support of videoconferencing;
  • Support of multimedia events;
  • Support of copying services through external media;
  • Maintenance of remote access to corporate resources;


  • Arrangement of cost-effective use of IT infrastructure;
  • Reduction of expenses for IT staff;
  • Reduction of equipment downtime, reduction of financial losses;
  • Forecasting and optimization of expenses for IT infrastructure;
  • Effective and sound control system of significant corporate information

IT outsourcing service is a good alternative to IT department in the company. Once introduced, you will get the key advantage over your competitors: you will be able to focus on the field-specific business processes without going into the procedures related to the information structure. Timely updates of equipment and software guarantees company welfare.

PHILAX team members have extensive experience in the area and are ready to offer various options for IT outsourcing implementation in the company. We guarantee optimization and reliability of your business processes as well as rise in employee’s productivity. Our staff members are certified professionals. Driven by regular trainings our employees receive, they are able to deliver solutions crafted uniquely for your business needs.

PHILAX has all the necessary licenses for project work.

Partnership with leading equipment manufacturers engaged into system integration helps us guarantee reliability and efficiency of the work we do and offer our customers favourable options and good price within the budget of the customer.



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