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Information security

There is a well-known fact that the better information is stored, the better the business thrives. Therefore, today there is an inextricable connection between «information», «security» and «reliability». With a rapidly changing environment of information technology we are now having certain tools for preserving corporate data, but, on the other hand, they may pose threats of theft and leakage of information.

Competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of any modern organization directly depend on the integrity and confidentiality of corporate information. It is no wonder that the primary asset to be protected shall be corporate data, information and documentation. Data loss or leakage can sometimes lead to inevitable consequences from financial losses and sustainable development in future to corporate bankruptcy. Therefore, such data is the most vulnerable area. As a result, every company is exposed to threat of unauthorized attacks and illegal intrusions to obtain confidential information. Therefore, the issue of security of such data storage is the most pressing one at the moment. Information security is one of the key elements for prevention of unforeseen problems.


  • Data loss prevention systems (DLP-systems)


  • Elimination of possibility of viewing, modifying or destruction of information by unauthorized persons;
  • Reduction of any risk of corporate data leakage;
  • Reliable and secure data storage.

Introduction of an integrated information security system will help prevent negative consequences, limit access to data, except for the authorized persons. Your information will always remain intact when shared with third parties or just stored, and your data will be available to those who are given authorized access to it.

PHILAX team has extensive experience in the area and are ready to offer various options for information security implementation. We ensure that level of your information security will raise as what we do fully complies with the current legislation. Our staff members are certified professionals. Driven by regular trainings our employees receive, they are able to deliver solutions crafted uniquely for your business needs.

PHILAX has all the necessary licenses for project work.

Partnership with leading equipment manufacturers engaged into system integration helps us offer the systems which suit the demanding customers in pursuance with the objectives set out for engineers and good price within the budget of the customer.



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