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Time is relentlessly moving forward, but the question of which software to use, licensed or not, continue to be relevant. Today, an increasing number of companies in Russia and the CIS countries are switching to licensed software. It happens because of the ever-increasing number of lawsuits won by software companies and lost contracts due to lack of a software license. Illegal use of the software, even unintentional, exposes your company to various risks and painful surprises.

Use of the licensed software strengthens your company’s image and reputation as a serious and reliable partner, providing you with tangible economic benefits.


If a company has lean business processes and its information infrastructure functions properly, usage of unlicensed programs may cause the following problems:

  • constant minor system malfunctions at users’ workplaces, which leads to a decrease in productivity;
  • critical system malfunctions in general;
  • law enforcement checks, computer seizures, resulting in long downtime and penalties;
  • possible leakage of confidential information;
  • loss or corruption of data or databases, for example in terms of accounting;
  • reputation risk which can face the company: loss of good will in the eyes of partners and investors, in particular foreign investors.


  • Legal responsibility. Infringement of intellectual property rights incurs administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation «On copyright and related rights».
  • Significant reduction in data security. Unlicensed or pirated copies of software may contain viruses. As a result, you may suffer from leakage of confidential information via the Internet, serious malfunctions or irreparable loss of information.
  • Software incompatibility. Use of unlicensed software may result in incompatibility of some programs that interact seamlessly on licensed platforms.
  • Lack of support and maintenance services. Users of unlicensed copies of software products cannot use service packs and technical support services provided by software producers.
  • Loss of good will. Use of unlicensed software often leads to loss of trust and contract termination. Legal proceedings, which are increasingly caused by the use of unlicensed software, do not strengthen company’s position in the market as well.

All problems related to the use of unlicensed software that have been mentioned above lead to a significant loss of time, and, consequently, to huge financial losses. In order to avoid such problems, you are highly recommended to buy licensed software.



Reliability of software can have a direct financial impact on your business as failure of information systems often leads to disruptions in the core business of an enterprise, which means a direct loss. Depending on the scale of the company’s activity, several hours of downtime may significantly exceed expenses incurred on purchase of licensed software. Use of licensed software is the main criterion of sustainable operation of the company’s information structure. Software producers guarantee quality of their products: licensed software disk can be read on any computer, it is virus-free and contains an original program code.


A rational approach to using software helps identify which programs you need, and which — do not. Many software producers provides Volume Licensing Programs, which save a great deal of money.


Software management, avoidance of outdated programs will contribute to the right choice of technology that will enable the company to achieve its objectives and succeed against competitors.


In those companies where use of technology is not put under control, employees share many different platforms and program versions simultaneously, giving rise to connectivity problems. Software management helps solve these problems, which improves operating process and increases productivity.


Technology industry plays one of the most significant roles in the economy. Software management is intended to help organizations assess benefits of software investments and identify those business areas that need software upgrades or new software products. Protection of intellectual property rights will ensure development of the software industry, encouraging research and development to continually improve software products.

Services provided to licensed software users:

  • Professional pre-sale consulting services. Licensed products are sold out by qualified specialists and a customer can always get advice on what solution to choose. Potential customers are given an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of buying licensed software even at a decision-making stage.
  • Software support and maintenance. Users of licensed software are eligible to take advantage of technical support services from the software producer. It helps meet the challenges most of the time. In addition to wide-ranging experience, technical support staff has access to a database of answers to FAQs. There is a possibility that someone has already faced a similar problem and a description of the solution is already there.
  • Continuous software product enhancement and update. Producers of licensed software regularly release service packs for certain products. This is of prime importance for antivirus programs, as untimely updates lead to significant deterioration of your PC. Users of licensed software get the updates free of charge on a regular basis.

Use of licensed software is becoming the key to business image. Licensed software is a pass ticket to cooperation with the world leading enterprises in the market. By using licensed software, you show a state-of-the-art and consumer-oriented approach of your company, guarantee efficient work management, commitment to performance and respect for intellectual property laws.

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