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Acer Group is the largest company in Taiwan in the field of research, development and production of information technology. In 2000, the company moved away from direct production of equipment and focused on marketing the entire range of products: computers, laptops, servers, monitors, projectors, etc.


Acronis is a technology leader in developing system solutions for corporate and home users for working with hard drives, data backup, operating system boot management, disk editing, reliable data destruction, and other system tools. Among our developments are popular worldwide products Acronis True Image, Acronis OS Selector, Acronis Privacy Expert, Acronis Migrate Easy, Acronis Disk Editor, Acronis Recovery Expert, as well as several new products that will be available in the near future.


A leading supplier of power protection equipment, including network filters, uninterruptible power supplies and voltage stabilizers, as well as software and accessories.


ASUS is widely known for its innovative technologies and high quality products. ASUS is a leading provider of class 3C solutions (computers, communications, consumer electronics – computers, communications, consumer appliances). ASUS development engineers and technical specialists strive to provide their users with a complete set of solutions in various areas of consumption in the new Millennium.


This is a successful, dynamically developing international Corporation. Benq is one of the largest manufacturers of LCD monitors, laptops, digital cameras, projectors, scanners and peripherals


World leader in network technologies designed for the Internet.


A leading provider of solutions and services for building IT and Internet infrastructure. Manufacturer of laptops, desktop PCs, workstations, servers, storage systems, network equipment, and peripherals.


A leading provider of products, solutions and services in the field of computer technology, IT and Internet infrastructure. Manufacturer of printers, scanners, network equipment, servers, computers, laptops, monitors, tape and magneto-optical drives.


iconBIT is a manufacturer specializing in communication devices and multimedia solutions for creating, editing, storing, distributing, and playing content - photos, music, videos, and IPTV. Integration of advanced technologies through the latest components and open platforms into consumer-friendly, convenient and functional devices for mobile and digital lifestyles is the main idea of the company.


Intel Corporation implements innovations, making the life of modern people more interesting, rich and comfortable. Constantly strives for new achievements – in the fields of technology, education, culture, production and social responsibility. And we never stop our collective efforts to create new and more effective solutions that benefit all people more.


One of the leading suppliers of personal computers and servers to the Russian market.

Kaspersky lab

Kaspersky lab is Russia's most popular and Europe's largest manufacturer of anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-hacking systems. The company is one of the four leading manufacturers of software solutions for information security.


The world leader in the personal computer sector-develops, manufactures and markets advanced, reliable and high-quality personal computers, as well as professional services that provide customers around the world with the optimal path to increasing productivity and competitiveness.


Lexmark is a provider of global technical solutions with a worthy history and a bright future


Recognized world leader in the production of software for personal computers. A wide range of software products and services for business and personal use.


This is a Japanese company that produces electronic, computer, and telecommunications equipment.


A world leader in the manufacture of monitors.


The world leader in the field of latest technologies is a multi-industry manufacturer and supplier of the latest electronic and electrical devices and equipment, equipment, communication and information transmission systems, solutions and services based on the use of the Internet, electronic components and materials, power plants and power supply systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, as well as household appliances.


TP-LINK is an international manufacturer of SOHO and SMB class network equipment.


COREL is one of the world's leading SOFTWARE companies. The company has more than 100 million active users in more than 75 countries.


XEROX is a world leader in printing and document management technologies.


Own production facilities. Computers, servers, and storage

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